Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday...did you know

Did you know that the Journey Girl Hospital set is one of my most favorites? My sister bought it for me when I was in New York and it is one of the most played with sets, I love how my doll Saila sits perfectly in it! (thanks to Lauren for pointing this out!)
The wheelchair is plastic and light weight but the most played with item. I love the casts and the crutches as well. If you are looking for a great doll play set this one has everything you need for dolly recovery and everyday use. We found mine at Toys R Us you can too it is $39.99 on line at Toys R US in Canada and a great buy. Click here for the link on Toys R US's Website.

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  1. My Nadine has this as well and it is one of her favorites, next to her horses, of course! LOL!! She used her birthday money and was able to get it on sale even! It is so very cute!!