Thursday, July 12, 2012

Michaels coupons and Springfield Dolls

A guilty pleasure for me and I am sure all of you is a trip to Michaels the craft store armed with my coupons, Often for 40% to 50% off and what isle do I head for first? The Springfield Doll Collection isle of course.
A huge thank you to Char at Doll Diaries for this photo!

I love Springfield Dolls. Their clothing line fits our 18 inch dolls really well and the best part is we can easily find them and not have to wait on the mail man or shipping costs to dress our dolls.
If you do not have your heart set on any one particular outfit it is fun to go and pick something for your doll on a whim or you can visit Springfield Collection online and get an idea of the wonderful items they offer!

One of my favorite items is their sunglasses and my local Michaels has them in stock!
They are a great add on to a birthday gift and are a perfect stocking stuffer for the doll lover in your life, I SHOP YEAR ROUND FOR THE HOLIDAYS and this is an item that I have picked up for my yearly doll advent calendar swap! I love the pink lenses! Offered online at $3.99 (Prices at Michaels are slightly higher but we can use our coupons!)
Also new and fabulous is the pink hair extensions! I was lucky enough to get these and give them away as prizes on my other doll blog last month and they are such a fun accessory!
Next on my must have list is the Pea Coat, My store offers this one and my next coupon is going to be used for this wardrobe must have! Offered on the Springfield Doll Collection site for $8.99 This would look great for Dolly Back to School clothes!

The t-shirt and jeans set is one I buy again and again for birthday gifts, the set is so versatile and can be dressed up or down and at  $8.99 in line or with a coupon at Michael's the craft store this is a set you do not want to miss!
This swimsuit and sarong set is on my must have list as well I have not yet seen it in store here in Canada but I may pick it up on my next trip down south. I love the colors and that the suit is age appropriate! Paired with the white espadrilles that I already own this set will be complete! I highly recommend these shoes as they fit not just my Springfield Dolls but also my AG dolls and my Maplelea!

So today's lesson and tip is this stock up on Springfield Doll Collection items online or at your local Michael's craft store now and tuck them away for birthday parties, just because gifts and for the holiday gift giving season!

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  1. Michaels is my one stop shop store to buy all my crafty stuff.I get all the things i want and that too at affordable price I always make use of coupons whenever i go to michaels.

  2. Y'know, even if I'm not going to buy any Springfield items, (I have TONS!) whenever I go to Michael's, I have to go into the SC aisle, just to see what's in stock, and say hi to the girls! My favorite outfit is the t-shirt and jeans set, b/c the jeans are bell-bottoms, (super groovy for my 70s girls), and the top is so versatile. Springfield Collection ROCKS!

  3. I have heard that some items can cause staining on the dolls due to dye transfer. Have you experienced any of this? Also, do the shoes fit Maplelea dolls?

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