Monday, July 23, 2012

Maplelea Monday-Spotlight on Alexi

Today's Maplelea Monday is all about Alexi, she has by far the coolest outfits and accessories,
Her City Chic Pack stands out to me because of the messenger bag. This set at $20 is a great deal and the faux fur trim is very cute as well.
I think the Market Magic outfit makes my case! Age appropriate ( though I would add tights) and fun colors make this outfit desirable.
Her High Stepping Boots are sold out and you can see why, look at the stitching detail on these boots, offered at $11, these are on my next order for sure, I can not wait for them to come back into stock!
Canadian Doll Winters never looked so good with Alexi and her Copper Coat, snow pants included for $34!

I am a huge American Girl doll fan but I have to tell you that the quality in the Maplelea Outfits has me wanting to keep my hard earned money in Canada when it comes to doll clothing and couture.
I have seen first hand the difference quality makes and as a Mom and adult doll lover these outfits are an investment and made to heirloom quality.
Her cat Chapta comes with this cozy cat house and at $20 is a great deal. I love the cat so much and it is by far my favorite Maplelea Animal. 

Alexi is a truly wonderful character and her items and accessories work on all the Maplelea Dolls, Maplelea Clothing also fits most 18 inch dolls.

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