Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Underware for our dolls a great PDF pattern from a Great Canadian Etsy shop

The one thing that I wished my Saila doll came with was underwear. My American Girl dolls all have underwear and I really wished that Maplelea would send their dolls with at least one pair!
I found a great pattern and tutorial from  an Etsy shop called Wendy Say Sew

I love that this pattern offers an easy way to create both Modern and traditional bloomers
I think this pattern at $5.50 is a great investment as I think underwear is very important don't you?

Maplelea does offer this great set on their website for $11.00 if you wish to view it click here

If you would prefer to learn to make your own visit Wendy Say Sew's Etsy shop  and see for your self!

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