Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Catolog is here lets look at the dresses

I got my new Maplelea Catalog in the mail and I  can not believe all the beautiful dresses for the spring line Maplelea has come out with. The above dress is called Summerhill Stroll and in the catalog it is shown on Saila and it looks much darker blue. I love the cut and the style, not to mention the cute purse! All for $15.00
 Sunset Sundress is offered at $18 and includes the sandals.
Uptown Girl is $32 and comes with the jacket, dress and shoes.

The flower detail on the dress is fun and age appropriate!
I want a pair like this for myself!
Katajjaq Giggles  is another of my favorites with the dress, tights and shoes it is a great deal at $27. I love the color and as Saila is my favorite doll, I think all the dresses shown would look amazing on her!
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