Friday, March 23, 2012

Outfits for sale benifting the Canucks Autism Network

I have met some really wonderful people since beginning my doll and writing journey.  A lady named Carol, who I also know as Skippy's Mom, has created 3 outfits including necklaces to be sold in my Etsy shop, where the cost of the outfits will benefit The Canucks Autism Network.

As some of you may know I am a mom of three and two of my Children have been diagnosed with Autism. With the help of The Canucks Autism Network my family learned how to connect with each other through sport. We started with CAN when my middle son was 5. We went to a soccer camp. My middle son Oliver, could not speak at the time of the camp, he and my older son could be in the same room with each other and Oliver would not notice. Everything changed for us at that camp. My youngest was only a few months old when we went to our first camp. I was watching from the sidelines, while my "Typical" son, played soccer with a mix of "typical" kids and children with Autism, I was amazed, Each child on the field, had a volunteer that helped them participate. Even Oliver! I could not believe it. When we got home that night, my two sons, who had previously never interacted were passing a ball in the back yard together, like normal brothers can imagine I am sure what that meant to me. Now 4 years later Oliver participates in the skating and swimming programs offered by the CAN network. These programs and the volunteer's who help make these kids act and feel like regular kids are amazing to me.
Recently Oliver's school went skating and the teachers, staff and even the principal could not believe how Oliver just took off on the ice like everyone else and had such a great time. I had to point out to them as I do to so many people, Oliver can do anything other kids can do, if you believe in him!
The people at CAN believe in my child and my family and for that I am truly thankful.
I am thrilled that Carol made these outfits and that she made them so I could sell them to help others.
A family membership for one year is $25. It is my hope that these three outfits will help 3 other families living with Autism experience all the programs that CAN offers, the cost of Oliver's skating, swimming, camps and more are covered by donations raised and we are able to take advantage of every program offered with our $25 annual family fee.
So if you know of a family living with Autism in British Columbia let them know about the Canucks Autism Network and if you would like to donate to the CAN network you can do so directly by clicking here  or by visiting my Etsy shop and purchasing one of the wonderful outfits that Carol created!

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