Friday, March 9, 2012

My doll collection

I thought it may be fun to share with you a photo of some of my dolls. I have only one Maplelea Doll but in the 18 inch category I have a few more. I have 2 Springfield Dolls shown on the left, 2 My London Girl Dolls, Saila, and 4 American Girl dolls. I do have another Samantha doll but I keep her in a special spot on my shelf (shown in the photo below). All my American Girl dolls except Chrissa are pre-mattel dolls. I do have an Australian Girl doll Emily, but have not shown her in this photo as she is quite a bit taller then my 18 inch dolls.
I would love to own Jenna, if anyone hears of a Jenna Doll in need of a good home, let me know.
I hope you have enjoyed a little peak into my doll collection.
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  1. I can understand why you want Jenna, I have her (along with Taryn) and she is gorgeous, but I may warn you that where her pigtails are separated when she comes, leaves a huge part mark. Other than that she is perfect!

  2. Hi,
    I live in england and love dolls so much I have 14 ag dolls