Monday, March 19, 2012

Maplelea's Deluxe Wardrobe

 I would love to have this wardrobe for my dolls, Maplelea offers this deluxe wardrobe with space to hang and store your doll play items.

 I love that it has drawers and shelves for display as well as room to hang your dolls outfits!
Even closed it is simply delightful. It is offered at $120.00

My niece recently got  the Our Generation version at Zellers, it was almost $80 with tax and though it does come with a drop down dressing area it is not as well made or as tall as the Maplelea version.
My niece does love it but I find that the drawer under the hanging part of the closet makes it hard to hang longer dresses.

I would be thrilled to have either but I would invest my money in the Maplelea Version!
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