Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Make your dolls their own slip on flip flops.

For today's post I thought I would share with you a very easy way to make shoes for your dolls. Now I have published this on many other websites but I thought it was important to revisit as our Maplelea Doll Feet are longer and thinner then other 18 inch dolls.
I start by tracing my dolls foot and that became my template. For one pair of shoes you will need:
- Fun foam or felt,
-3 1/4 inches of ribbon per shoe,
 -a pair of scissors
- a glue gun
You can also decorate them with artificial flowers, gems or buttons if you would like

I start with a dab of glue about 1inch down on the right hand side of the sole place one end of the ribbon in the glue and carefully press into place.
Place the shoe sole on your dolls foot and wrap the ribbon around and secure it tightly with another dab of glue on the left hand side.
Next remove the shoe from your dolls foot and add more glue to the bottom and place another cut out sole over top this hides the ribbon on the bottom
Then repeat the steps to complete the other shoe.  You can create many wonderful pairs for your dolls using items you may already have around the house. If you are having a doll birthday party you may want to make these ahead of time  as party favors.

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  1. Fun! I will be trying this out for sure to go with my no sew outfits I just made for a bunch of Gwenie's dolls (and my BFC Ink doll because she is the "sister" of Gwenie's Hearts4Hearts Girl doll so she likes them in coordinating outfits. =)

  2. keep in mind if you are making these for AG dolls or other dolls you will have to change the length of the ribbon slightly!

  3. Karen, I have a Taryn Maplelea doll, and I love her so much. I like McKenna (AG) and Saila, and if I'm able to get one, I just don't know who to choose! Any suggestions?