Sunday, February 5, 2012

A visit from the neighborhood girls!

In my neighborhood their are several Maplelea Dolls and I am so happy to say that Leonie and Jenna, dropped by to play!
It is a beautiful sunny day here in North Vancouver today, high of 12 degrees and so much sun it seems as if it is Spring already!

I love Leonie's outfit and shoes, I need to order some for Saila as you can see from the first photo! Leonie kindly lent hers for the next photo, now that is a good friend! Leonie's top is from the Chocolate Violets collection
I love this Daydreamer outfit on Salia! The color on the website and in my photos just doesn't do it justice!  
Jenna  is such a beautiful doll, her hair is the perfect shade of red and I love how it blows in the wind! Here freckles make her so endearing! Jenna is wearing the Maplelea outfit Outdoor Odyssey
I am so happy to be able to share photos with you of these truly beautiful Canadian Dolls! 
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