Thursday, February 23, 2012

Maplelea Tent vs American Girl Tent....

The Maplelea Company offers a fantastic tent and charges only $20 though it doesn't have accessories that come with it, I think it is a fantastic doll play accessory!

I got an email from American Girl about their new tent which costs $75 and includes
  • A berry nylon camp tent roomy enough for two 18" dolls
  • A zippered front entrance, side windows that roll up, and a screened back for fresh air
  • A pretend lantern that really lights up for nighttime camp outs
  • A faux travel mug with a removable lid for refreshments on the go
  • A make-believe snack box to share with a friend 
  •  W: 23" x H: 14½" x D: 18"
I am really surprised that with the economy in both the USA and Canada that families would be able to afford a doll tent that costs more then a real person tent.
I am thrilled with the quality and affordability of   Maplelea Products and I hope that parents and doll lovers ever where will see that while the American Girl Doll tent does come with some really great accessories, there is a great deal more doll play potential and savings in the Maplelea Product.  I would love to hear what you think, which would you rather have?

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  1. AG would long be out of business if people would only spend on those dolls what they would on comparable "people" items. It's really the availability of things. I can get clothes and stuff for myself easily at Target, resale shops, yard sales for very little money--even at major department stores when shopping the sales. Can't get the comparables for the dolls,except by reading blogs like yours (smile) and even then there is work, time and talent required.

    I don't know how much the Mapleleaf tent would cost to ship to the US. It is smaller than the AG tent but collapsible which the AG tent is not. If you go to CVS or a pet store, they do have pet tents for far less and are generously sized for the dolls.

  2. I have the original AG tent from many years ago. I don't use it though, because it is a pain to set up. I would love to know more about the Maplelea tent and how easy it is to put up and take down.
    Thanks for this and all of your other wonderful Maplelea posts!
    - MaryCarly

  3. Thank you ladies! I have seen the Maplelea Tent but I do no own it. I think it is a really great price. I do have the Our Generation one which for under $30 came with way more accesories, it is a pain to put togther then take a part so I leave it up but it fits two dolls as well. The Maplelea Tent is beautifuly made.As for shipping to the USA they do ship though I am not sure what the cost would be. I also had not thought of the pet tent what a great idea, thank you!

  4. Do you know about the Maplelea fans message board? It is fairly new, so not super active, but the members are warm and welcoming. There are also photos and reviews of Maplelea products. Please join us!


  5. I had two of the Maplelea tents. The only problem is eventually the poles do cause holes in the nylon lining and the tents collapse. But for the price, who could argue. I am debating whether the AG tent is worth buying. All the tents either seem hard to put up or prone to the pole issue that I had.

  6. I am saving for the Maplelea doll tent cause I have Taryn and It is way better than AG I like AG but there teeth scare me with how they stick out of the mouth, anyway the Maplelea is way more aforable.