Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Setting up doll scenes for your doll for photos. Laundry Day!

I love photographing my dolls and setting up scenes. I wanted to share with you how I do most of my shots. Above is a BEFORE photo of my doll Saila, see how her hair is in front of her face a great photo of your doll shows your doll at her best and that means taking care of fly away's and making sure her hair is right before the photo.
I use a small spray bottle of water to tame the fly away's before my photos. As you can tell it makes a huge difference!
Another thing that is important when setting the scene is picking great backgrounds. I have made my own doll room back drops but for this photo I have used my backdrop from American Doll Room, which is a great place set and has an indoor out and an door feature on all it's doll rooms.
Photographing in natural light when ever possible also helps setting up the best doll photos. If your camera has a function where you can turn off your flash, give it a try and see, take one with and one without and you will notice how much clearer and true to life your photos will be.
I also recommend finding props or doll play items in the correct scale, for your dolls. I found these great containers at Dollar Giant, 4 for $1.25 and they make perfect doll sized laundry baskets!
A great bonus with this is that Saila can hold this container!

 Then filling it with doll clothes, gives it even a more real feel!

Putting a doll sized clothing line with pins and doll clothes helps to set the scene!
I hope you enjoyed my Laundry Day photos!
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  1. Very cute! I love maplelea dolls, The only thing is that i don't live in Canada! Http://www.americangirl1fans.blogspot.com ~Danielle

  2. Why thank you! You do not need to live in Canada to like The Maplelea Dolls, Thank you Danielle for your comments!