Monday, February 20, 2012

Making 123 Mulberry Street's Slouch Cardigan pattern avalible through Liberty Jane

I love this pattern from 123 Mulbery Street. I have made at least 12 for my nieces and their dolls. I made the one shown above with a t-shirt I had spilled bleach on and saved for doll clothes.
 I love that you can buy, print and make with in a few short hours doll clothes for your dolls with step by step photos. As I had the t-shirt on hand the only cost was the pattern at $3.99!
On our Maplelea dolls the cardigan is not as long as it appears on the American Girl Dolls. The over all fit it great though!
If you are a beginning sewer I highly recommend Liberty Jane Patterns, they are a great way to teach yourself how to sew! That is how I learned to make doll clothes!
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