Friday, February 24, 2012

New from Maplelea! I love them ! I Can not wait to order!

I got an email yesterday from Maplelea about the newest pet Piccolo and the bird stand! I love it. I think this is so adorable and looks like it is very well made! I also love how well priced it is.

Also new from Maplelea is the 4  adorable bunnies! Priced at $22
I love these new additions and I know you will too!
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PS My friend Brandy tells me that you can order the perfect Bunny Hutch from Payne Street to visit their amazing website click here


  1. I LOVE THE BUNNIES!! Piccolo is cute too but those 4 little cuties would be the BIG HIT in our "doll house"!! I could picture a cute idea for a little bunny hutch to go with them too!!

  2. I agree! I think Maplelea hit these products out of the park!