Friday, February 3, 2012

A great Canadian Etsy Shop that makes and sells fun Doll Food!

The Will Futus Store on Etsy offers some wonderful doll food items that are perfect for Maplelea Dolls.
The Homestyle Dinner from this Canadian Etsy shop is so adorable with lots of doll play potential.
 I love the pea's and carrots for 18 inch dolls, only $5 for this fun set!
 Island Fun for our dolls!

I love the artistry this Canadian Etsy shop offers these photos are of past sold items, I hope they will soon have in stock!
I love this Sushi set!
this baking set is perfect for Maplelea Dolls!
The Will Futus Store is a great Canadian Shop   making fun and inviting treats for our 18 inch dolls!
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