Sunday, April 15, 2012

Have you checked out Doll Diaries?

Have you checked out Doll Diaries lately? 
Doll Diaries was my very first information website of dolls and doll play years ago and I am so very thrilled to write a weekly post for this website.
Char at Doll Diaries has her finger on the pulse of the doll world. She has a keen talent and sense of knowing what is new, important and fun in the doll world. Balancing a busy website with several posts weekly and often more then one post per day, Char is constantly impressing me! Now I write a lot but I am always in awe of everything Doll Diaries has going on, Contests, info about new dolls and doll play related items, Facebook updates, Doll Diaries has great sponsors who offer high quality doll play items and she caters to doll collectors and doll lovers alike with her wide range of doll info, tips and more. 
I hope you will visit Doll Diaries often and see what is going on in the Dolly World!
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