Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wonderful dresses from The Edwardian Girl

The Edwardian Girl Etsy Shop is a favorite of mine. Costume Designer and Artist Erin creates beautifully made dresses for 18 inch dolls in both historical and modern patterns.
 Erin was eleven when her grandmother taught her how to sew.
  "I've been sewing away ever since. I've costumed all sorts of eras and enjoy the work very much."

I love her use of colors and patterns
My favorite outfit in The Edwardian Girl shop is one I am so pleased to own!
This Pilgrim Dress is so well made, I love how it looks on my doll!

"Your doll can be the prettiest pilgrim there is for Thanksgiving! This little pilgrim outfit is made out of black and white cotton fabric. The apron is detachable, however, the collar and cuffs are not.The back closes with a velcro closure."

  From Historical to Modern this shop has something for everyone and they are exceptionally well made and priced. With outfits for 18 inch dolls offered from $16-$30 collectors and doll lovers of all ages will find something they love in this shop!
Erin is also an artist and historian at heart, in addition to offering items for American Girl dolls her shop offers Art prints, Art work, Adult costumes and more.
Check out Erin's Doll clothes by clicking here

Erin gave me a bit of scoop, she is working on Titanic Era themed outfits that will be new to her shop this summer! So with the clues we have been getting about the new American Girl historical Doll Caroline Abbot  from Doll Diaries (I think that the new AG doll will be from the Titanic Era)
 and Erin's newest designs about to hit her shop, We will be thrilled with the outfits Erin is creating for all 18 inch dolls to enjoy the 100th Anniversary of the ill fated voyage of the Titanic.

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  1. The dresses are beautiful! Since I am originally from New England I am partial to the Pilgrim dress.

    My guess is that Caroline Abbott will be set around the War of 1812. In my opinion, there is no way for there to be a six book set spanning two years of Caroline's life that would fit with the short voyage of the Titanic. And I believe that if the new doll was Titanic related, they would have released her prior to the 100th anniversary, not months later. Either way, I'm really excited to see the new doll. :-)

  2. Thank you for the kind words OhioMom. :)

    All that's left for me to do for the Titanic/Edwardian themed dresses is I have to finish drafting the skirt to one pattern then I can get started.