Saturday, May 26, 2012

Felt food tutorials from Apartment Therapy

I love felt food, I think they are fun to make and they make great doll play items
I found some tutorials I think you might enjoy and hope you will give felt food a try!
The above photo is from a wonderful website called Apartment therapy  that has a great list of tutorials for each type of food! Now you will want to make all your felt food smaller for your dolls but I loved all the ideas that Apartment therapy was able to list in one place!
I loved the strawberries from Lit'l Brown Bird's Passion if you are starting out on making felt food this one is a great tutorial with photos!
There are more then 40 tutorials listed on Apartment therapy so check out their page by clicking here and get started making fun food for your dolls today!
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  1. A reader asked me how to make these doll size, usually 1:3 which means reduce your pattern by 1/3