Monday, May 7, 2012

Springfield Sunglass fun for our Dolls!

One of my favorite birthday gifts this year was from my friend Char at Doll Diaries, she sent me the Springfield Sunglasses for my dolls. I LOVE THEM.
Springfield Doll Collection items are among my favorite. They are fun, stylish and they put Doll Play accessibility ahead of most other doll companies with their affordable pricing and their accessibility. Here in Canada you can purchase items from the Springfield Doll line from Micheal's the Craft store and use your often 40% to 50% off coupons from your newspapers or printed off from your home computer and if you have an I Phone you can use your coupon App.
I also love how they look in my doll's hair!
Thank you Char for this fun birthday gift and to Springfield dolls for creating such a fun accessory!

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  1. You are most welcome! I think glasses/sunglasses on dolls are just one of the most fun accessories.

    Glad you liked your birthday box!

  2. I have those too! I love Sprngfield Collection stuff!:)