Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fun Summer Fashions from Mena Bella's Etsy shop

Last summer I discovered Mena Bella's Etsy shop. I fell in love instantly. Take a look at any of her photos and you can tell she not only loves to make and sell doll clothes but she also loves her dolls.
I love the colors and styles that are offered and a huge bonus to me, Mena Bella ships to CANADA for the same price as her US clients.
Her complete outfits make her shop truly special.
I also love how she found this mirror and has made it into a doll play item!
Items in this shop do not last long!
I have ordered from her, and love the bathing suit she made. I am thrilled to have two in my collection!
If you like what you have seen click here for Mena Bella's Facebook page and join in! She offers previews and sneak peaks into her up coming outfits and promotions. Early this year she had a special on her Etsy account where if you were a Facebook fan you could purchase one of her bathing suit sets for only $2

I am thrilled with her work and I know you will be too! Come take a look at her ever changing Etsy shop and you will be amazed! Click here for her Etsy shop

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